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31st July 2014

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28th July 2014

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Avengers (almost) assembled with @marvel with Feige.


Avengers (almost) assembled with @marvel with Feige.

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26th July 2014

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mcu meme → ten scenes (4/10)

Suit up.

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19th July 2014

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You know what I find truly remarkable about this scene? Is not just that she JUMPS OFF A SPEEDING ALIEN VEHICLE HUNDREDS OF FEET ABOVE THE GROUND but that she knows the EXACT MOMENT to make the jump to not only hit the roof (which, at that height and speed is an incredibly small target) but to hit it at a point where she isn’t going to a) immediately crash into a wall or b) be carried by her momentum over the other side and down a gazillion stories to the ground.

Natasha had to calculate IN HER HEAD IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE the velocity of the alien vehicle, the size of Stark Tower’s roof, how high she was above it (so she wasn’t so high she’d be killed just by the fall to the roof), how long it would take her to make the jump successfully, what position to hit the roof in to minimize the physical damage, possibly even half a dozen other things. A miscalculation either way—too soon or too late—would’ve killed her.

Yeah, when she describes someone genius-level smart in CA:TWS as “slightly smarter than her but only slightly,” she’s NOT KIDDING. Natasha is probably either just as or very nearly as smart as Bruce or Tony or Jane or Betty, her training just meant those smarts were put to use in a different way. And that it’s something she’s trained to manipulate people’s expectations of, just like with her sex. IMO, if Natasha asks to have something explained, it’s not because she doesn’t understand, it’s because she doesn’t want the person she’s asking to KNOW she understands. Because her stock in trade is getting people to underestimate her and then using that against them. And this scene is the proof. Because when no one is watching, she is BRILLIANT.

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17th July 2014

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New photos from Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)

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12th July 2014

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the seven deadly sins / the seven heavenly virtues (insp.)

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6th July 2014

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24th June 2014

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Captain, you’re up

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15th June 2014

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7th June 2014

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They’re just gonna edit out Scarlett Johansson’s baby bump in post-production for Age of Ultron what a time to be alive

2014: the year when finally joss whedon is able to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve with horrifically killing off a female character because he can’t deal with the fact that she wants to have children

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5th June 2014

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Assemble by Blule

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1st June 2014

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B I T C H - The Avengers


Here I forced it to work

Sorry Coulson’s not in the last one.





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31st May 2014

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“I would like to see us [X-Men] fight them [Avengers], though. I’d like us not to team up. I’d like to see us fight them and, you know, annihilate them, as we surely would.” -James McAvoy

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27th May 2014

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coulson + interrupting villains

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24th May 2014

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"I swear to god, Steve, I will drop the PASIV out of this fucking window if you don’t tell me RIGHT NOW why you thought taking this goddamn job was a good idea, what with Bucky running around in our heads trying to shoot us out of our dreams."

"Can’t you feel it, Clint? You’re antsy. We’re all antsy. We’ve been the best dreamshare team there is out there since Cobb’s disbanded, and we haven’t gone under in over a year."

Avengers Inception AU  wherein Thor of Odin Corp. hires Steve Rogers’ elite dreamsharing team to perform inception on his brother, Loki, and a shade of their ex-resident thief Bucky (who was killed when the team’s last job went horribly wrong) tries his best to sabotage it.

Or: Steve extracts, Tony builds, Clint runs point, Natasha’s a master of impersonation, Bruce concocts, Thor’s a tourist, and things happen.

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